History Edit

Sister.... If you ever heard me before... I am going to give in to my powerful side... I am becoming omnipotent... I might die afterwards...

- Alannia to Feria

Early Life Edit

Alannia was born in Enettia from Allana Màgic and Mordo Efor Male. Alannia was taken to the palace of Confession by her father. Her father was killed by the Mysterious Witch, which later was revealed that it was Yin disguised. Alannia was shown powerful enough that accidentally was her confession abilities and killed almost the entire palace. After that Athra fled the Omnilock Verse just to try and teach Alannia how to control her abilities and Magic but it seemed impossible, since Athra found out that Alannia's true Abilities were not only Confession but also Tyfleness.

Confession Edit

Alannia was born with the ability to manipulate her inner darkness into 300% of normal witches. Confession is the ability to control another being into doing something they would not normally do under the same cercomstances. Aftet the Confessor Witch finishes with her target, she is more likely to kill her target. At thr most extention, the Confessor Witch becomes so powerful that can control and manipulate to an unlimited level the 6 Forces of Magic. A Confessor's eyes turn black and her hair as well while she is performing a spell associated with Confession. The only two Confessors left alive are Alannia and Alan, but Alannia is at a psychic comma currently and Alan is sealed away in another dimension.

Tyfleness Edit

Alannia is also a Tyfle Witch since birth. A Tyfle Witch is a witch that can see into the life of another being, past, present and future. At the end of the Tyfle Witch's enlightment, the target dies no matter how immortal they are (unless the target is Absolute Immortal, Erasure Immune or Absolute Existence Being). Alannia is the only being with Tyfleness. At Alannia's most extention, destroyed hundreds of Realities at an instant.

Mother of All Edit

Alannia was declared the 4th Morher of All. Alannia killed her competitor witch in a brief fight between them. Alannia was the only witch that broke her opponent's indestructubility and killed her. When Alannia was the Mother of All, she even reached to the Spiritual Verse, where Yamamoto was the Master of that Verse.

Reanimation Edit

Alannia was the first witch to ever create the spell of Reanimation, meaning that the user is able to recreate something that was completely gone or/and erased. Later the reanimation spell changed meaning almost completely. Alannia used the Reanimatin spell to revive her sister Feria, but she found out that Feria did not die but rather advanced into an Omnilock Being inside the Omnilock Verse.

Assànian Edit

Alannia was one of the Assànians through history. An Assànian is the Magí that has Unlimited and Maximum Source of Magic and full control over Shamónity with the sole purpose to protect the All and Nothing. Alannia gave up that role when she wanted to enter the Dream Realm and fight Shuma-Gorath (the most powerful Demon that lives inside the Dream Realm) as her final battle, but she only managed to seal him inside the Dream Realm rendering him unable to exit it.

Romance with Stephen Edit

Alannia fell in love with one of the Gerana Mages, Stephen. Alannia was about to give up her Magic so that she could save Stephen's soul. But she later found out that Stephen wantet her weak so that she would not interfere with his plans to kill all of her family. Stephen succided to get Alannia to give up her Magic and he killed Feria with the Blade of the Seven Nations, and Alannia was infurius when she saw that Stephen killed her sister, that her Magic returned and got even more powerful than before, because she destroyed the sword and killed and then erased Stephen from all amd every palin in existence. Later Alannia found out that the Feria that died, was just a decoy, the real Feria created from inside the Omnilock Verse.

The 5 Cursed Keys Edit

Solon created five powerful keys that could bring anyone he wanted into existence even if they died entirely with no trace of their existence remained. Solon fought Naomy and he became victorious because he created the 7 Namarians (powerful race that eaxh one controls a different but specific part that connects with their soul). Alannia interfered and destroyed the 5 Cursed Keys while she was fighting Solon. At the end of their battle, Alannia unlocked her true Ability, Limiter Removal, and erased Solon from all and every plain of existence.

Zelena's Curse Edit

Zelena created a curse that made everyone forget their deepest secrets and mistakes. She managed to cast that curse upon every living soul but Alannia protected herself by using her ability to remove any and every limit she might stumble upon so that she becomes even more powerful than she was intented to be.

Imprisonment of Te Fitti Edit

Te Fitti is the mother of all the Demons. She returned from her eternal slumber just to destroy all the Demons she created. But Te Fitti threatened to kill everyone associated with these Demons. Alannia needed to protect Balthàszar and her family, so she fought with Te Fitti and sealed away into a Cosmic Cube.

Celestia Edit

Celestia is the first witch that was ever born. She is practicly older than the Trio of Justice combined. She mastered Divinity, Assànity and Shamónity years before Exodus. She stayed in the another realm far away the Assanity and Divinity Realms. Celestia made a deal with Leggyía. Celestia fought Alannia, because Alannia was an obstacle to Celestia's plans, but Celestia almost killed Alannia, because Alannia started destroying other universes and felt like she was the evil one, so she stopped.

Allana's Death Edit

Simón created a spell with the sacrifice of the 5 original Spitits so that he would break Allana's Infinito Madara spell (the caster absorbs everything inside of them and then when there is nothing left, the caster is erased from both Existence and Unexistence) and transport Allana into another plain of of existence. Simón stopped SpaceTime in order to cast that spell, but Alannia was the only being untouched by Simón's spell. Alannia then found her mother Allana, and since Allana was weak and frozen from Simón's spell, Alannia killed her. After that Alannia left without anyone knowing where she went.

Demons of Agraba Edit

When Simón went rampage and said three words "No More Immortality", all the beings in the Existence lost their Immortality entirely except Simón. After that spell all the Demons from the realm Agraba escaped and started bringing chaos. Zom forced Simón to cast the first spell his mother taught him, his destruction spell, and killed him. Alannia came and revived Simón using an enormous amount of her full potential.

Te Fitti's Return Edit

Te Fitti returned to destroy once more all the demons she created but this time Te Fitti killed Alannia in the result of their fight. Alannia then revived herself losing almost all of her remaining Magic. Blought Magya controled James' conciousness and forced him to fight Alannia in order to kill her. Alannia used her remaining Magic to protect the Nexus from Blought Magya's spell but Blought Magya forced James to reach his 100% true potential and to kill Alannia once and for all, but Alannia combined her Confession and Tyfleness alongside her immortality and remaining Magic, and her ability to go beyond her limits, and broke James' compulsion, almost destroyed James, controled Blought Magya's conciousness through James' mind, forced Blought Magya to complete her spell, froze into time Blought Magya's mother Te Fitti and petrified Blought Magya afterwards.

Scagget's Control Edit

After Alannia's limit removal and victory against Blought Magya, Te Fitti and James, Alannia tried to break free Scagget from his prison realm. Alannia broke free from Scagget's control but Scagget forced her to break the spell anyway. Alannia sacrificied herself to break the spell, the spell broke but Simón used his ability to close the rift, which he succeded. At the current moment Alannia is in psychic comma due to Scagget's powerful psionic mind.

Deaths Edit

  1. Te Fittti killed Alannia on their second fight. But it was for a really brief time since Alannia revived herself.
6 Forces of Magic
Reality - 7/10
SpaceTime - 10/10
Life-Death - 10/10
Soul - 9/10
Mind - 6/10
Destiny - 10/10

Powers and Abilities Edit

Source of Magic: Unlimited and Maximum Source of Magic.

Immortality: Absolute Immortality

True Omnipotence: Alannia combined her Tyfleness, Confession, Immortality and her ability and achieved True Omnipotence but in exchange her soul to be weakened so it was easier for Scagget to control Alannia's mind, but for a brief amount of time.

Abilities Edit

  1. Absolute Immortality: Alannia is unable to age, die, get sick or be destroyed.
  2. Confession: Alannia is able to control other beings to dp anything and everything she wants. At her most powerful peak Alannia was able to break Blought Magya's control over James, control Blought Magya through James' mind, complete Blougt Magya's spell, freeze both Blought Magya and Te Fitti.
  3. Tyflness: Alannia is able to see through the past, present and future of a being and when the vision is done, the targeted being dies with no exception anf horribly.
  4. Limiter Removal: Alannia can release/remove the limiters that are usually placed onto the body and abilities in order to prevent them from suffering the strain of their full power, or to protect the surrounding area from the destructive potential. By disabling these suppressors, Alannia can gain access to this full potential. Alannia can also remove any and all limits to achieve true potential without dying in the proccess.