At the beggining of the All and Nothing there were only 2 Omni-Realms: the Existence (Divinity) and Non-Existence (Assanity). The habitants of both realms did not know of the other's existence. One day the Divinity people started feeling a strange aura inside of them and the people from Assanity started feeling an aura around them. It took them thousands of years but they eventually managed to fully control these auras. A mage from the Divinity plain, called Exodus, wanted to create a spell and accidentally the spell opened a portal that showed him and the people of Divinity that there other plains of existence besides their own. They created armies and invaded the Assanity plain, caughting them unarmed and shocked. The Assanity people used their aura to fight but a mage, called Scagget, managed to create a spell that opened a portal to the Divinity plain and only few mages managed to flee there. Exodus took over the Assanity plain and became the Trio of Justice alongside his two followers, Horahkty and Leviathan because they were the most powerful mages of their realm. While Scagget sacrificied all the people of Divinity, to be the Absolute Omnipotent being, Feria Magic came from the future and locked any and every portal for Scagget to escape the Divinity plain by creating a Source of Magic called Shadow Magic so it would never run out of Magic. But Feria knew how powerful Scagget was so she put with him a witch called Sirena and casted a spell on her rendering her unable to fall in love with Scagget but rendering him at 0.01% of his true potential. When Feria's spell was casted, it severed the connection between the two realms and created the Primal Ubic Nexus. Feria was about to die but if was Feria to die, the spell would be destroyed as well, Cybelly exited the Omnilock Verse and took Feria with her making her an Omnilock being along the way. The abscission of the two realms, Feria's spell, Scagget's true potential and the creation of the Nexus, all together combined and created another being called Magya by accident.

Magya created her own verse, called MagyaVerse, inside the range of the Nexus. Thousands of years later, the Trio of Justice (Exodus, Horahkty and Leviathan) created two beings so they can fall in love and create a nation, the two beings were called Omnia (All) and Exorsus(Nothing). The two of them fell in love and created their own verse called WholeVerse. Scagget even imprisoned and almost powerless, managed to curse the two beings' relationship and darkened it to the extent that Omnia and Exorsus started conflicting eaxh other. After their conflict was destructing the WholeVerse and even beyond it, Magya created a powerful object (and the very first one) that has the ability to absorb limitless any kind and source of magic, called the Holy Grail. Magya used the Holy Grail to absorb and imprison the two beings inside, but some magic was left behind and created the second source of Magic, called Elemental Magic. Magya used the Holy Grail to create Life into the WholeVerse but instead Scagget used a bit of his remaining Magic and altered Magya's spell to create not only Life but Death, Reality, Space, Time, Soul, Mind and Destiny as well. When that spell was created and casted, it forced Magya to split herself into two different and essential beings but with Magya's source of Magic divided into two, one being called Blought Magya (consisted of Magya's evilness) and second one called Cleopatra (consisted of Magya's goodness). After that Scagget fell into an eternal sleep to regain full power.