History Edit

I loved you... But i guess nothing lasts forever... Not even our love

-Yin to Yang

Early Life Edit

Not many things are known about Yin's origin. Some of the known things are the fact that she was born in the middle of an era filled with hatred and war. Yin was born mortal with no knowledge of the concept of Magic neither immortality.

Yin and Yang Edit

Yin loved a man, named Yang, but he was born in the enemy's territory. The were meeting in a forest. The fell in love without no-one realizing it. But when Yin found out that she was pregnant. Her parents forbid her to ever see again Yang. But Yang killed her parents. When they met in the forest and Yang told her what he did, Yin out of thin air created a knife and killed Yang and suicided killing both her and the unborn baby.

Geranium Edit

When Yin died alongside Yang and their unborn baby, Yin was ressurected by their mixed love and hate. Then Yin fled the forest, in order to seek her true self. Her son was ressurected as well, and the Namarian Yammamoto took him to the Spirito Nama (his domain) to raise him.

Mysterious Witch Edit

When Yin found out just how powerful she was, she didnt Yang to find out who she was, so she hid her identity with an ancient spell. Yin was destroying everything in order to get to the title of the Mother of All. Everyone started calling her the Mysterious Witch. One day Yin casted a spell that drew the attention of Celestia. So Celestia encountered Yin, and they fought, resulting Yin to be defeated and she fled to the Nexus. Yin learnt that there are dimensions and realms outside the Nexus.

Omnilock Verse Edit

Yin learnt that there is the Existence and the Unexistence and their origin by the Omnibic Fulcrum. Then Yin tried to access the 2 Dimensions that connect the All and Nothing, the Ascension and the Omnilock Verse. She failed at accessing either of them so she located a witch with the ability of Absolute Access and killed, but first she took her ability. Yin mastered the ability of Absolute Access and entered the Omnilock Verse. But Yin was rendered unable to exit the Verse due to the Verse's unimaginable powerful fundamental force. Then Yin casted a curse that would destroy the Omnilock Verse. She failed at doing so but she almost killed Feria and the newly born Simón. But Chaos gave his life in order to protect them, he almost failed until the Omnilock Verse gave Simón the ability of Absorption and Expulsion and Simón protected both Feria and him, bit unable to save his father. Yin then fled the Omnilock Verse by force because of Simón's counterspell to her curse.

5 Priests Edit

When Yin returned to the Nexus, Simón's counterpsell revealed Yin's true identity and Yand located her and they fought but Yang was more powerful due to having the Magic of the 5 Priests within him.

7 Namarians Edit

Yin entered the Spirito Nama and tried to take her baby, but Yammamoto did not want give him to her so they fought and Yin took possesion of his Namarian nature. Then Yin left Geranium there and went to take possesion of the other 7 Namarians' Magic and so she did. Then Yin became the most powerful Namarian in history.

True Decay Edit

Yin fought with Simón in order to stop her, and he won. Then Yin saw that there is no point in trying to conquer everything since Simón killed her son Geranium. Yin joined Simón in fighting the 5 Priests but when Scagget entered Yang's mind, he commanded him to Yang, and so he did, but this time Scagget absorbed completely Yin's soul and Magic, erasing every possibility of her being ressurected ever again. With Yin's death, all the 7 Namarians died as well.

Death Edit

  1. She killed her self alongside her unborn baby
  2. Yang possessed by Scagget and with 5 Priests' Magic, killed the physical body of Yin, but Yin was going to be ressurected again, since she cannot truly stay dead. Even the mighty Scagget could not kill Yin so he rather absorbed her inside of him, "killing" her forever.
6 Forces of Magic 
Reality - 3/10 
SpaceTime - 4/10 
Life-Death - 9/10 
Soul - 9/10 
Mind - 7/10 
Destiny - 3/10 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Source of Magic: Near Unlimited Source of Magic.

Immortality: Absolute Immortality and Erasure Immuniy

Nigh-Omnipotence: Yin is able to enter the Omnilock Verse immediately rendering her a Nigh-Omnipotent Being. But even with the Magic of the 7 Namarians, she was unable to become 6 Forces of Magic Manipulator.

Abilities Edit

  1. Erasure Immunity: Yin was unable to truly be erased from the Existence but her ability was rendered weak when Scagget forced her spirit with her Magic to enter the Unexistence and Scagget absorbed her, thus "killing" her.
  2. Absolute Access: Yin took possession of this Ability from another witch. Yin was able to enter and access every and all possible Dimensions, Realms, Planes, Verses and Timelines except the Ascension (it is unknown if Yin was able to access the Alpha and Omega Reality Domain because she didnt know it existed then). But Yin was unable to exit the Omnilock Verse and the Unexistence, which means that she didn't truly master this ability, but she did master it, that means then that this ability was not a Legendary Ability but rather an Uncommon one.
  3. Namari: Yin took possession of a small part of each Namarian's Magic, thus giving the ability to use the different emotions she had into different spells without dying. But before Yin died she linked her Magic and with the Namarians, so when she died so did the Namarians.